Digital control of motors

Pimas develops digital control systems for AC and DC, syncronous and asyncronous motors, by mean of modern FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithms and high-performance DSP and microcontrollers.

Thanks to a partnership between the University of Padua, Piaggio and Pimas, a digital control has been recently developed for a SPMSM (Superficial Permanent Magnet Syncronous Motor) motor, in order to provide acceleration boost and braking energy storing (KERS system) on a race motorcycle.

Automation for sliding doors

Pimas develops automation systems for sliding doors, in compliance with the regulations about the security of plant, with FOC (Field Oriented Control) control of the asyncronous motor and a rich set menu.

The firmware include complex and reliable algorithms for self-learning, assisted opening, obstacle detection and real-time corrections.


PLC programming

Control systems for PLC applications are being developed for many sectors, some examples are:

  • Control systems for food, chemical, manufacturing industry;
  • Axis control with integrated brushless servo;
  • Applications with I/O managed on Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet nets;
  • SCADA app and HMI development;
  • Integrations on third-party devices (Modbus protocols and proprietary on RS485 nets);
  • PC apps development as integration of proprietary systems.