Converters and generators

Pimas has got a robust experience in developing converters and generators for many kind of application areas, as an indipendent unit or as a integrated section in a complete machine, like an induction heating system, a welding machine and so on. Several solutions are proposed, which can be personalized according to the needs of the customer:

  • AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC converters;
  • Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost e Flyback converters;
  • Power Factor Correctors (PFC);
  • single-phase generators;


Customized solutions, covering all the most popular typologies, including Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost and Flyback converters and, in general, all the energy conversion processes between the power supply (AC or DC) and the output (DC or AC with variable frequency).

High reliability and efficiency always above 90% are guaranteed, thanks to high-tech electronics, state-of-the-art components and robust digital control.

PFC - Power Factor Correctors

Power Factor Correctors, commonly referred to as PFC, are getting more and more attention due to the introduction of regulations about the way the machine should be interfaced with the AC mains, with the purpose of leading toward a "green" world.

Pimas offers PFC solutions with variable complexity, including:

  • Boost-mode PFC for single-phase and three-phase AC mains interface;
  • Interleaved-Boost mode for single-phase and three-phase AC mains interface;
  • Inverter-based PFC with digital Field Oriented Control (FOC) for three-phase AC mains interface;


Pimas develops advanced energy conversion systems for generators (fed by alternators), for power ratings up to 10kW, featuring:

  • Nominal power guaranteed in a wide range of frequencies of the electric generator, thanks to the PFC before the inverter section;
  • droop-control algorithm for paralleling of more units;
  • 100% power overload;
  • control algorithms for inverter and PFC sections in a single Arm-Cortex microcontroller;